Our Multichannel EPoS Sytem

Our website is part of our award winning multichannel EPoS system provided by Intelligent Retail and has been designed with independent retailers in mind. Here is some more information about the system:

The multichannel ability of the EPoS system allows retailers to link together the stock in store with the stock on various online channels and provides them with an efficient and centralised stock control. The EPoS software is called Connect and helps retailers to better manage their business with an easy to use platform. Not only does Connect improve the stock control across channels but also brings together our web orders, telephone orders and in store transactions along with customer information, reporting, purchasing ordering and more.

The EPoS System

Connect has main stock tree where all the key product information giving the staff great visibility of the products at their fingertips and means we can offer better customer service as a result. The innovative software with a simple design means that anyone can use Connect and this provides a consistent service for customers.

The powerful features in Connect mean it is great for setting up discount schemes, generating back orders, processing over counter sales and managing the stock from one place, giving more time for improving other areas of our business. The customer database within Connect can be used for managing accounts and filters can be applied to generate customer lists for targeted marketing campaigns to help keep our customers returning.

As well as being able to switch easily between serving a customer in store and managing stock, Connect has the ability to generate a range of reports for sales and stock analysis. Connect is an efficient tool for independent retailers to monitor, assess and help make decisions for progressing the business.

The eCommerce Website

This eCommerce website is designed by Intelligent Retail and the content is managed through the Connect EPoS system. The drag and drop stock tree makes it quick and easy to add products on the website and manage the product details and the availability of stock. Website orders are download to the multichannel software, updating the stock levels automatically and allowing retailers to process the orders efficiently alongside other over counter or sales orders.

The professional design of the eCommerce website not only looks the part but benefits from our teams expert knowledge of the best practices and great functions to make the shopping experience a successful one.

Find Out More

To find out more about the Connect EPoS system, eCommerce websites and Intelligent Retail visit their website.