Caithness Glass

Paperweights Handcrafted in Scotland

Caithness Glass is best known for their beautifully handcrafted paperweights. Many paperweight designs are inspired by Scotland's stunning countryside, history and nature. Each paperweight is a unique piece of art displaying an array of remarkable vibrant colours, beautiful shapes and high quality craftsmanship.

Caithness Glass was founded in Wick, North East Scotland in 1961 by Robin Sinclair. In the beginning the company designed and created many forms of Art Glass. The first paperweights were created one year later in 1962. During the following years designers of the company began to experiment with many ideas, techniques and designs beyond the conventional style of paperweight design known to that day, resulting in 1969 with the first modern-style Caithness Glass paperweight design, the Planet set, which was an instant success. Today Caithness Glass is one of the world's leading producer of fine-quality glass paperweights.

As all paperweights are handmade, the size and colour may vary slightly between each piece making every paperweight unique and special. Caithness Glass paperweights are the perfect gift for everyone and there is a paperweight for nearly any occasion.

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